The following activities explore the issues associated with the use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production. Such issues include:

  • the possible benefits, safety or danger of GM foods
  • labelling of GM foods
  • environmental benefits and dangers of farming GM crops
  • the benefits and problems for farmers of planting GM crops.

Consumer choice in food and agricultural products - work sheet [PDF 44kb | 2 pages]

People do not agree about genetic modification of crops - work sheet [PDF 29kb | 2 pages]

What people know about GM foods - work sheet [PDF 36kb | 3 pages]

Butterflies and Bt - work sheet [PDF 30kb | 2 pages]

Growing GM crops in Australia? - work sheet [PDF 33kb | 3 pages]

Ask the experts - work sheet [PDF 53kb | 2 pages]

Organic farming - work sheet [PDF 36kb | 4 pages]